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It's time to hear your voice! If you have a persepctive on fitness/health, want to share your journey or even want to start a discussion; it is your time to be heard.

Pitch your idea in the message box below or if you want me to write about a specific idea write it down below as well.

Make sure your pitch is succint, backed up by facts or research and, if it is a personal experience, be 100% honest. Include pictures/videos/social media or gifs to work throughout. Make sure to add any references that you use in the article, hyperlinked or listed after the article. 

All submissions will get a byline, social media with be tagged and will get to share their story with my 20k blog followers. Make sure to put "Submission Pitch" in the subject line.

If you fail to do any of the above, your submission will not be reviewed or posted. Please ahere to these standards to ensure the best possibility of getting posted. If you are interested in being a permanent writer, apply for the writing internship.

 What are you waiting for? Submit Now !