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How to Become Vegan: Carbs

January 28, 2019

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A Day on My Plate

October 24, 2017

I get a lot of questions asking me what I eat and how often do I eat and even how to eat! For everyone, eating patterns are very subjective to what their goal is and what foods they like. I am vegan, looking to build muscle and mass and have a fast metabolism. My first meal guide was when I was in college and had little input on what I ate because it was premade. Now I have full disclosure as to what I eat and what is in it. I still meal prep every week to make my life easier and I time when I am supposed to eat. Here is a day on my plate:


Meal 1 - Bullet Proof Coffee (or Regular) and Dried Fruit



I have been obsessed with Bullet-Proof Coffee, since I tried it last month. There are so many recipes out there as to how to make it or the best version of it. My recipe is easy, simple and vegan. I drink bullet-proof coffee or regular coffee with dried fruit every morning. This not only get my metabolism going but it also is a sure way to use the bathroom right away. If you are having any difficulty pooping definitely try this first meal. Check Out My Recipe for Bullet-Proof Coffee.


Meal 2 - Peanut Butter, Banana Oatmeal with Flax, Hemp and Chia Seeds


Can't be a day without me consuming peanut butter and oatmeal, my two favorite foods ever. This is another iteration of my oatmeal, but this one is packed with seeds that are full of Omega-3's and fibers, so if my coffee and dried fruit don't make you have to go, this one will! My first two meals I try to focus on normalizing my blood sugar levels from sleep, eating sufficient calories to give me energy and "cleaning" my system! 


Meal 3 - Whole Wheat Pita with Peppers, Mushrooms and Hummus (side of tofu)


Finally, some vegetables! This has become one of my easy staple meals. It is a pita filled with peppers and mushrooms and hummus. (Recipe coming soon.) This meal is one of the more traditional meals, that has proteins, carbs and fats. I have been adding tofu on the side for extra protein !


Meal 4 - Asian Stir-Fry 

Another easy one of my go-to recipes (that will be coming soon) is my twist on Asian stir-fry, but this one is so much healthier. I like to add cabbage to get an extra serving of vegetables. On the go, this is so easy to take in a container in work or school


Meal 5 - Tofu and Mushrooms in Peanut Sauce on Whole Wheat Orzo with Roasted Cauliflower



Are you tired of seeing tofu yet? This week my main source of protein was tofu and this recipe does not disappoint (another recipe that is coming soon 🙄  ) This is probably the closest I have ever gotten to a healthy alternative for rice and sauce combinations. As a rice and sauce connoisseur, this is definitely a meal to try !


Meal 6 - Avocado on Toast with Chia, Flax and Hemp Seeds (opt. Green Apple with Peanut Butter)




No I am not done eating yet. This meal is my last hoo-rah (usually) for the night and has one of my favorite foods: avocado. If I stay up later I will add the apples and peanut butter, if not I just have avocado toast. I tend to alternate between this and a handful of nuts, cliff bar and a piece of fruit !




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