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How to Become Vegan: Carbs

January 28, 2019

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Supplement Update

June 12, 2017

It has been awhile since I have updated you all on what supplements I take and new supplements to include. So let's explore new supplements:



Multivitamin -

I used to take Now EVE softgel supplements as my daily vitamins, 3x a day. This softgel was rather large and black but nonetheless easy to take and it gave it a good dosage of my daily vitamins.

 The ingredients are as listed below:

However, a new multivitamin has come into my life which is far more potent than the NOW Brand. This brand is called "Solgar" and they have a Female Multiple that's ingredients are pretty plentiful. In fact, it has most vitamins and minerals (that Now has) with double or even triple concentrations. Now having more vitamins in each supplement is not what makes it better because you have to be careful of overdosing on vitamins. What this means is that I can take less supplements (1-2) and get the same benefits as taking 3 of the Now Brand. These supplements are purple and are still very large.

 The ingredients are listed below, see how much potent everything is!





When using the NOW brand multivitamin, I noticed that it did not have a day's worth of magnesium in it and I was not consuming many food that were high in magnesium. So I found a magnesium supplement to fill in that gap and help me use the bathroom more.

I found a generic brand at my local grocery story. It completely supplemented my magnesium but I did not get the results I wanted. I wasn't using the bathroom more, which was the main reason for its use. I do not take these now because my new multivitamin has enough magnesium but check out your magnesium intake and see if you should supplement it.


Omega-3 -

Although I love the NOW brand Omega-3-6-9, I could not find it at the store and had to find another brand because I had run out.

This brand is called "Windmill" and their omega is the Omega-3. Although it has less EPA and DHA than NOW Brand, it is still a good substitute because it gives me my day's worth of Omega's in just 2 pills. (I still prefer NOW Brand)


Vitamin E -

Because my new multi is very inclusive I have stopped taking Vitamin E which means one less supplement to take in the morning (thank God)




I have started taking Glutamine, which is another supplement similar to BCAA. It helps prevent muscle breakdown and helps you maintain a lean muscle mass. The brand I have is Optimum Glutamine. Glutamine also helps boost immunity, your digestive tract and gives you energy. Caution: Make sure to be taking enough B-12 to help control glutamine build up in your body.

 See my original Supplement Guide here !


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