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January 28, 2019

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5 Must-Do Arm Exerces

May 4, 2018

Who doesn't want toned arms? These 5 arm exercises will keep your arms toned, strong and beautiful! Check them out below:



Tricep Dips –

Find a bench /chair/ledge that is sturdy and you and lean on. Sit on instrument, with both hands on it. Slide off the instrument keeping hands on it. Your arms should start off completely straight, feet together and your body should be in an upright 90-degree angle. You want to lower your body slowly putting arms into a 90-degree angle. Hold for 2 seconds. Once you are done, straighten your arms and body and go back to the starting position. This is one rep. Repeat motion until you are done with the set.


Tip: Make sure you are supporting all your weight on your arms and not your legs. Also make sure instrument is stable and will not move once you begin the exercise.

Tricep Dips



Spider Crawl -


Begin in push up position on the floor. Put your feet together and keep your back straight. Jump forward bringing one knee to your elbow. Jump back switching your legs repeating the motion on the other side. This is one rep. Continue alternating legs until you are done with your set. 


Tip: Keep abs tight as you do the exercise, contracting obliques (side stomach muscles) during each knee to elbow contact. Keep back straight during the entire workout.


Spider Crawl

Side to Side Push Up-


Get in push up position, but put hands together and keep your feet and legs together. Move to the side, stepping one arm and leg far apart and do a push up. Push up until elbow is in a 90-degree angle. After you push up, straighten arms and push yourself back to starting position.  This is one rep. Repeat motion on the opposite side/arm and keep repeating until done with set.


Tip: Keep abs tight and back straight during entire workout


Side to Side Push Up


Dive Bomber –


Start in downward dog position: both hands on the floor wider than shoulder width apart, butt in the air, legs and arms fully extended and back straight. Keeping your legs as straight as possible, lower arms and shoulders into the floor slightly touching it. As you swoop down you want to end in cobra position: chest in the air, body inverted and legs straight. Hold momentarily and reverse the steps going from cobra to downward dog. This is 1 set, repeat until you are done with your sets.


Tip: Do not let your legs or stomach touch the floor at any time. Switch from putting weight on legs (in downward dog) to arms (in cobra position.)


 Dive Bombers

Santana Push Up-


Start in plank position. Keep abs tight as you move all your weight to one arm. As you adjust your weight, lift the opposite arm into the air until it is fully extended. Hold momentarily then bring arm back down to plank position. This is one rep. Repeat the motion on the other arm, switching weight back and forth between arms. Repeat the alternation until you are done with that set.


Tip: Keep abs engaged and tight during entire workout. Slowly extend hand into the arm to get full benefits


 Santana Push Up


Check Out The Full Video Here!


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