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How to Become Vegan: Carbs

January 28, 2019

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What Do I Eat?

January 5, 2017

As much advice and tips as I give nothing is more insightful than looking at what I eat . As a college student, my options were limited to what was available at my school. However it is very possible to eat healthy in college. I eat clean most of the week and indulge or "cheat" on the weekends. Because I am more interested in gaining muscle and weight, I add calorie fillers like more olive oil, peanut butter or eating chicken thighs rather than chicken breast. Nonetheless here is my meals for a couple days:



I eat the same breakfast everyday basically. It's a cup of oatmeal, raisins, cinnamon and peanut butter. If I have a banana, I add less peanut butter and slice the banana into it. 



As a chronic coffee addict, I always drink coffee every morning. I drink it black (I know) but it helps give you energy, boost metabolism and doesn't carry all the extra calories sweetened coffee has.

I also take my supplements as well. These range from multivitamins to minerals to extracts


Here is what all my meals for an entire day look like (except breakfast) on a tray. Now let's dissect and see what I am actually eating !


Meal 2- After breakfast, I like to eat a smaller meal because my breakfast is high in calories. This is 1 chicken breast with hummus, mixed vegetables and a small sweet potato. I grew a love for hummus and have been obsessed with it!



Meal 3- Everyday I try to eat yogurt because it supports healthy bacteria in your body and gives you some necessary nutrients you need daily. I dont' consume dairy often, so yogurt is the easiest way for me to add some calcium and vitamin D to my diet. At the bottom of my yogurt is usually a mashed banana or pineapples, topped with greek yogurt, almond slivers and low fat granola.



Meal 4 - This is my pre workout meal. I always try to keep it light so I do not feel too heavy but add something sweet so I can get some energy as well. A spinach salad, with vegetables, olive oil, walnuts, brown beans and craisins usually do the trick for me. I also drink some BCAA along with this too.

Meal 5 - This is  my post workout meal and so it is heavy in proteins. An iteration of meal 2 I usually stick to complete, whole, easy foods. Because my focus is weight gain, I do consume a lot of protein.  This meal is 2 chicken breast, a sweet potato and mixed vegetables. Sometimes I opt out a chicken breast for my whey depends on my mood.

Day 2


Meal 1- Per usual I have my oatmeal.



Meals 2-5 :

This day I would separate this into 3 meals. Meal 2 would be one chicken thigh and the sautéed mushrooms and cabbage. My pre workout meal would be the bright salad featuring some mangos, cucumbers, spinach, craisins, nuts olive oil and vinegar. My post workout meal would be the 2 chicken breast, the cornbread and the kale (thats hidden under all the food)


Meal 6 - Sometimes if I am not in the mood for yogurt, I enjoy snacking on nuts and fruit. This is one my favorite snacks and the easiest to bring around. I try to make sure I am getting at least 200 calories from the nuts however to make sure I am getting enough energy from them.


Day 3


Breakfast - Of course my oatmeal.

Meals 2-5:


For this day my 2nd meal is 1 chicken breast, a piece of whole wheat muffin with olive oil and a mango and salad. My pre-workout meal is another salad with nuts and craisins. My post workout meal was 2 chicken breast, broccoli, carrots and the 2nd piece of the olive oil muffin

 Meal 6 - No week is complete without me munching on pistachios. Another option for a healthy nut to eat, I usual pair these with fruit



Here are my examples of food I eat. Although it may seem hard to eat healthy when you do not have complete control, sometimes the healthiest options are right in front of you! 

Check Out my Updated Vegan Meal Regime!


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