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How to Become Vegan: Carbs

January 28, 2019

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Hi I'm Scorp!

December 1, 2016

 Welcome to BodiedbyScorp! I am so excited to work with you on getting healthy and creating your new body. My website is here to help you obtain your goals and learn about living a healthier lifestyle. Now I wasn't always healthy, in fact I was the opposite. It wasn't until the summer before my junior year of high school (2012) that I began to actually make changes in my lifes but, it took my until 2015 for me to really grasp nutrition and working out. Yep a whole 3 years. Let me walk you take you through my journey.


In high school I played 2 sports, tennis and soccer; tennis for a year and soccer the other 3 years of high school. Although I played these sports, I was in no way healthy. I would eat fast food before, during and after practice; nothing could stop my appetite for salty fries. The summer of 2012 however, I wanted to start working out. I began running every morning at 4am (I know I'm crazy) and I was also working out everyday. I created workout routines that were really effective, I was getting stronger and was sore almost everyday. I also changed my eating completely, making sure I was not only eating 4 times a day but that I was eating the "right proportions". My results were ... I was 98 pounds.


Obviously I was taking becoming healthy in the wrong direction. I was malnourished and exercising way too much. My body had probably dropped down to 8% body fat. Once school and soccer season started however, I was enraged with hunger. I was eating entire boxes of frozen waffles, cosmic brownies and honey nut Cheerios everyday after school. Understandably, I was starved and couldn't keep up with my intense regime from the summer.


I returned back to my old ways of eating unhealthy, I had failed. I took the rest of 2012 and the entirety of 2013 juggling trying to go back to eating healthy while managing my tendency to stuff my face every night.


The summer of 2014, I decided to try again. This time, I figured out what I had done wrong the previous time and wanted to fix it. I had consumed too little calories and was excessively working out. By July of that year (photo below), I thought I had a solid understanding of how to get toned and healthy. Do more cardio !



I felt like I had control on my body. I was finally healthy right?

No. I had always been naturally skinny but I wanted to be strong and have some muscle mass. That year however, I just ran. I concluded that strength training was the reason why I had failed last time and ditched the concept completely. Sadly, this was not the cure to my plush body. I was "skinny-fat." A term that describes someone who is skinny upon glance but once you get closer they are soft with no muscle definition or tone. My results for the second trial ... failure again.


Although I was skinny, my body was still very thick in the stomach area. I also had thin legs in comparison to the rest of my body (shown in photo taken August 2014) . I am a visceral weight gainer; I easily gain weight and stores fat in mid-section.


My new goals was to not only get muscle mass but "change" my body shape. I wanted a smaller stomach and bigger legs; literally the opposite of what I was. But I had no idea how to get there.


Now it was Sophomore year in college, and I was still unsuccessful at obtaining my goal, per usual. I began googling plans, taking advice from others and looking for anyway for me to reach my goal. I was "focused".


So where does one go when they want to change there body? Google ! I finally started to research about the anatomy of the body, how it functions, what role does science play in weight loss and how to lose fat. It was December now (picture of me in photo below December 2014) and of course following in typically suit, I set the date for January 1st  to start my new journey.

 March 2015 came around, I had used my research to create a new plan that I had religiously followed for 3 months. I still wasn't 100 percent where I wanted to be, but I had an idea on how to get there. 



I was now working out 4-6 days a week, with minimal cardio (crazy going from 3 hours runs to 30 minute jogs.) I was also eating way more food in proportion to my body size (not like before.)  


I was seeing small progression, my body was getting more toned and muscular. However, I still was not gaining weight. My weight remained relatively stable; the level of fat I was losing was in proportion to the muscle I had gained. I began getting disappointed, my legs weren't getting bigger and my stomach was the same width. I wanted to sum this up as my third failed attempt.


But patience was key. I had always tried to find the quickest way to get what I want. I was not one to work hard or long on anything. But your body is different. It takes time to get to where you want to be. I was not going to get my results 1,2,3, I had to stay consistent and patient with how my body would transform. 



 So what have a I learned during these 4 years of getting healthy? I learned how to struggle. It has not been easy and I have failed time and time again. I am putting everything I learned into BodiedbyScorp so you don't have to fail (like me) but, if you do fail you know you are not alone. I am giving you my best workouts, proper nutrition and most importantly full support to every client. Thank you again for supporting me and I cannot wait for you to start your journey!

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