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The Scorp 


The $1000 scholarship for a Ramapo High School senior!

One of the main goals of  BodiedByScorp is to give back to others. Whether it is in the form of helping people make healthier decisions or supporting other fitness businesses. So here we present you 

The Scorp Scholarship.


✅ You attend Ramapo High School (Located in Spring Valley, NY)

✅ You are currently a senior

✅You have a GPA of 2.5 or Higher

✅You are involved in 2 or more community organizations


✅ Have been a volunteer in 3 or more local events


✅ Have a combination of 1 community involvement and 2 volunteers experience 

✅ You Plan on Attending an Accredited 2 or 4-year University or College

✅ You have an advisor or overseer that can attest to your involvement in the community or volunteer work

 ✅ You have an advisor or overseer that can attest to the duration of your community involvement or volunteer work

✅ Are able to write a reflection on how you got involved and the impact it had on your life

✅ Must have 1  teachers/advisors/manager (not related to community involvement) Recommendation Letter

✅ Must complete the application

If you have any more questions about your eligibility to apply Please email me

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Meet the Requirements?

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