Get ready to build your bum! This 3-piece cloth resistant bands is a must-have for any and all glute activation workouts. All three of these bands are the same resistance (40-50lbs) to ensure consistency throughout your workout. With such a high resistance, these bands will not only make your workout more challenging but will help you mold and train your muscles better. The bands are made of cotton-polyester-latex blend, with a non-slip grip, to give you full range throughout your workout. Comes with an extra long band for extended workouts!


Some of the features include:

  • Non-slip grip to ensure no rolling, breaking or slipping
  • Differentiated lengths for versatility of use on legs, thighs or ankles
  • Sturdy stretchy fabric; won’t get stretched out with continuous use
  • Sturdy Stretchy fabric that feels soft to the touch
  • Consistent resistance level; get a better the best range for your workout
  • 80-inch-long band: perfect for stretching, squats, flexibility stretches


Exercise to Use it With:

  • Hip thruster loops
  • Leg Press
  • Hip mobility bands
  • Glute activations
  • Squat bands
  • Deadlift bands
  • Physical therapy bands
  • Hamstrings bands
  • Yogo stretches


The package includes:

  • 3 Resistance bands
  • Black mesh carrying bag

The Real Big Booty Set

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