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Happy New Year and New Goals!

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Ah, the annual New Year resolution post on BodiedbyScorp. I am so pumped this new year to share my goals and to help you with yours! In the last couple of months in 2018, I had overextended myself and my work suffered. I realized that more content does not mean better content. I've gotten rid of a lot of things on our website (skincare tips, extra pages, etc.) and am now focusing on what this site is all about: FITNESS. I am back on BodiedbyScorp (and our Instagram is back to being active) giving tips, tricks, advice and insights into a healthy lifestyle. I am so excited to write more on this blog and to FINALLY have more fitness plans for y'all (I KNOW.) I have a crazy amount of goals, long and short term that I want to conquer. Not all are fitness related, but I have a ton of fitness goals for this year:

New Year, New You? Check Out My Tips for Keeping Your Goal

This year (in addition to spelling collaborations correctly lol) I want to hold myself more accountable for my goals and to keep track of the ones I finish. Not only do I have a daily sheet to keep track of my daily goals, but I also have a monthly planner ( to keep track of my monthly goals), a faith journal (to write about inspiration) and a yearly journal that holds my life-long plans. On the last day of each month, I plan on writing down all my goals for the next month, crossing out some goals and planning for the future. I want to share with you my goals every month and to keep you on track as well.

Most importantly I want to remain on schedule for BodiedbyScorp to write more, create more consistent content and curate products and tips for you! Let me know your new year's goal and as always thank you for your support💙

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Get fit!

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