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The Two Box Pasta Trick!

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Okay, why is there a giant picture of pasta is probably what you are thinking right now, and it's a good question. First I want to mention that carbs should be an essential part of any diet, and pasta is one of the easiest carbs to make.

Now if you are trying to gain weight, by eating more, this conspicuous bowl of pasta might just be your answer. This idea came to me sporadically in the kitchen and by NO means is it profound, life-changing or innovative at any level. It's instead simple, easy and affordable for anyone who wants to gain weight with NO fuss. This is the two box pasta trick!

If you are rummaging through your cabinet right now, you probably have multiple boxes of pasta on hand just because (you never know when you will want pasta). If you look at the box, ( I used Barilla penne pasta) the pasta has roughly 1600 calories and contains 336 grams of carbohydrates.

Now one pound is roughly equal to 3500 calories, which means if you consume a little more than 2 boxes of this pasta a week, you could gain a pound a week!

OK, let's s get real. If you are struggling to eat more, your chances of being able to down 2 boxes of pasta a week off rip are slim. Plus the idea of eating dry pasta to gain weight sounds a bit daunting. But, we know for sure that a box of pasta is almost the same calories as half a pound.

The pasta trick is simple. In addition to your regular meals, just add a serving of pasta on the side, to consume more calories and cause weight gain.

When I started this method, I only made half the box of pasta and added a little pesto (~50 calories), 4 cloves of garlic (~20 calories) and 3 tbsp of olive oil (~360 calories). The rules were simple, if I started on Sunday, I would need to have consumed all the pasta by Saturday, totaling 1,230 excess calories a week, on the pasta alone. This is roughly ~500 calories short of half a pound (which I attempted to consume from other sources throughout the week.)

As you get used to eating the pasta, (which takes WEEKS or months) you up the quantity to a full box in one week, preparing it the same (or try another blend avoiding heavy sauces.) This results in an excess of 2,030 calories a week. And then if you become a pro, you can hit the 2 box mark which is 3,630 excess calories a week - 130 calories more than a pound.

(Make sure that you are not putting any cream or tomato-based sauces on the pasta. Although it does up the calories, it makes you feel heavier and sluggish and it is harder to consume.)

Not only is this an easy way to guarantee that you are eating more, but it will run you less than $10 for an entire month's supply of extra food. I tend to eat the pasta on days when I am lifting heavy and I separate it from my main dish to remind myself why I am eating it.

The pasta trick is so obvious, it's not even a trick - it's science. However, if you do not like counting calories or feeling burdened by coming up with intricate ways to eat more food, this is perfect for you. This trick can work with any kind of pasta, but I recommend eating whole-wheat pasta to minimize consumption of refined flour. Remember this only works if you are eating well-balanced proportioned meals in addition to the pasta, that meets your minimum caloric intake. The pasta is for EXCESS calories, not your daily needs. So get up, and go make some pasta!

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