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Build an Hour Glass !

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

It may be hard to believe that you can build the body you want but, it is in fact possible. You cannot change your DNA or the way you gain weight (mesomorph, endomorph or ectomorph), but you can transform your shape (apple, pear, or hourglass) into another.

Building an hourglass shape is a goal for many, they want a smaller midsection, bigger thighs and glutes and proportionate arms. If you weren’t born this way, wearing waist trainers, doing endless squats and squeezing yourself into high-waisted clothing won’t change your body. Working out and gradually changing your overall body structure is the way to actually have and sustain a curvier appearance. Here are ways to create an hourglass!


I am 5 feet, but most people do not notice unless I am standing next to someone who is 5’5” or taller. Then my height really stands out and I get “Oh wow, you are short!” Or when there are mini bagels at a hotel, you only say they are mini because you have seen larger bagels in your life. Things appear smaller or bigger only by what you can compare to it and the same goes for your body. As an apple-shaped girl, it is hard for me to shrink my stomach to get the hourglass look. MY stomach is where I gain weight and one of the wider parts on me. So how do you fix this? Make everything else bigger!

If you are dealing with a big stomach, focus on creating bigger legs, thighs, and shoulders. Comparatively, if you are lifting heavier on your shoulders, doing compound leg exercises to grow your muscles, they will get bigger and wider, making your midsection look smaller! The key is to not build any more muscle on your stomach (never use weights to do any core work out) and do not do heavy oblique exercises that will build more muscle on your sides.

Leg Day Every day!

Well not every day, but a substantial part of your week. If your problem is having skinnier or smaller legs, you need to build them up to complete your hourglass goal. Hourglasses are predominantly signified by a bigger bottom half, that is sturdy and wider than the person's stomach. This does not mean you have to gain 15lb on your legs alone (unless this is what you want) but, you want them to spread and be one of the bigger parts on you. I like to have 1 leg day, 1 glute/leg day, 1 glute/back throughout the week. Be consistent and frequent with your leg days.

No Core.

One of the misconceptions of getting a smaller waistline is doing hundreds of crunches, Russian twists, sit-ups and other variations of ab workouts. To have a defined mid-section you do need to do core but not as rigorous as you think. Especially if you already have a bigger midsection. Doing a lot of abdominal exercises will help you build muscle on the stomach and hence making it bigger/bulker. If you are trying to get an hourglass, do weight-free core engaging workouts, incorporate planks and other exercises that will engage your entire abdominals into your regime. Do not by any means to any use weights on your core, only bodyweight exercises.

Don’t forget back and shoulders.

A lot of women do not work out their backs or shoulders in fear of getting “big”. These two body parts are just as important as legs and glutes. Your back and shoulders are a part of your hourglass frame and need to be developed. A strong back will reduce the formation or appearance of rolls as well as outline your glutes. While stronger and wider shoulders will improve your overall appearance and make your proportions look more drastic. Do shoulders and back throughout the week to help build the frame for your hourglass!

The body is an incredible machine, that you are able to mold to your liking. Don't give up, be patient and consistent and remember, you can do anything!

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