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Herbadon't or do? Herbalife™️ 101

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion backed up with facts that will be referenced below. I am not recommending or discouraging anything, just giving my opinion.

It is time to finally debunk one of the biggest health companies that seem to flood Instagram, fitness blogs, Facebook and Twitter. I am talking about Herbalife™️. The Herbalife™️ enthusiast and recruiters that fill your feed with shakes, proteins, replacement drinks, and vitamins. It seems that anyone who gets started on being healthy turns to this company to get fit! But does Herbalife™️ actually work? Let's see if you should start it today.

Basic Information -

So what is Herbalife?

"Herbalife is a premier nutrition company. We make nutrition products with protein, fiber and vitamins to complement a balanced diet and support a healthy, active life. Herbalife is unique because of the one-on-one coaching and support that Herbalife Independent Distributors provide to their customers. Herbalife customers receive much more than a product, they get steady support and a plan to meet or exceed their personal nutrition, weight-management and fitness goals." (From there website)

Basically it is a nutrition company that accompanies products with a "coach" to help you consume better nutrition and guide you. Herbalife™️ kind of works like AVON, in it that it recruits people to sell their products. "Herbalife customers receive much more than a product, they get steady support and a plan to meet or exceed their personal nutrition, weight-management and fitness goals."

What Are the Products?

Herbalife™️ has a plethora of products ranging from proteins, nutrition shakes, multivitamins, cell activators, express meals, protein on-the-go, snacks and so much more. They even have some skincare and body care products too. (See the entire full list here: http://catalog.herbalife.com/Catalog/en-US/) The most popular products are their meal replacement shakes (they have the #1 Meal Replacement shake), protein powder and cell activation pills. They also have programs and specialized categories for your concern and weight loss goal.


The only way to buy Herbalife™️ is to buy it from a distributor; someone who sells the product near you. Finding a distributor is not hard, because it seems like everyone is selling it! To become a distributor as well, you fill out a sign-up sheet and then you will get contacted by Herbalife™️ to get started. The benefit of Herbalife™️ is that you aren't purchasing through a giant company site, but a much smaller middle man that can directly give you what you want for your goal.


The idea of Herbalife™️ sounds amazing; you get advice, supplements and direct access to someone or a website that can help your exact question. But is Herbalife™️ even worth it? Are the products phenomenal and is the advice sounds? Or is it just a giant scam to make money off of the billion-dollar fitness industry?

Let's look at their protein:

Their protein is $48.90 for 21.07 oz. (link to product) to compare that, you can get 53.6 oz. of Optimum Whey for $48.00. So the price is a little steep but most importantly the ingredients are where you can see some concern. The first listed ingredient is soy protein isolate, non-dairy creamer (which includes sunflower oil and other sugars and fats), then goes into salt, artificial flavor and then it's followed by vitamins. Although soy (seen here) can help you feel full longer and has some proteins. Soy Protein Isolate is genetically modified proteins that aren't naturally grown or made. The USDA concluded that 90% of soybeans made in the US are genetically modified, meaning this isolate possibly has pesticides, is processed and is GMO. To contrast, look at the ingredients in Optimum Whey. Not only does Optimum have more protein, less sugar and salt but the ingredients list is vastly different than Herbalife™️.

Herbalife™️ seems to also fill their whey with vitamins, but sell multivitamins as a supplement as well, why the vitamin overload?

Next, we will look at their coveted meal replacement or Formula 1 Shake, that also has questionable ingredients that contradict the description:

This product once again has soy protein isolate, cellulose (sugar) powder, artificial flavor and salt. The claim to "treat your body to a healthy balanced meal" usually doesn't equate to eating sugar, salt, GMO protein and, once again, copious amounts of vitamins. It seems like almost every product by Herbalife™️ is genetically modified, has a sugar/salt combination, and adds high levels of minerals and vitamins to seem holistic. Hmm seems suspicious? Other ingredients that run rampant through their products are canola oil, sucralose, sunflower oil, hydrogenated oils, MSG, and artificial sweeteners. Now, not every product on the market is good for you, there is a lot of garbage on the shelves in every supermarket. However, Herbalife™️ claims are a complete contradiction to their products' ingredients. On their websites "About Page" Herbalife™️ claims the below:


In addition to its products, Herbalife™️ makes it easy for people to join their team and sell their products. These people are selling products to get a commission; meaning they have a sale mentality when promoting Herbalife™️. But, most of them aren't making money from the company. The way you make money on Herbalife™️ is to recruit more people to sell rather than you selling more products. To read more about their business structure read here. There is also no real screening or fitness relating to teachings that you need to know to apply.

I speculate that people who endorse Herbalife™️ make more money from attracting and training clients than they do from actually making clients use the supplement. If you are a part of the "fitness entrepreneur world" Herbalife™️ is a way to get more people to notice you, rather than just being a sole entity (or a small fitness site that's trying to raise money to give away a scholarship😅)

Final Verdict-

Sorry to bore you with all ingredient facts and comparisons but this is what you came here for if you should buy it or not. Of course, it is up to you, but I would not recommend buying, selling or associating with Herbalife™️.

In addition to the hypocrisy of what is on the site versus the actually ingredients, although there is not a natural holistic company, their claim "We make nutrition products with protein, fiber and vitamins to complement a balanced diet and support a healthy, active life," doesn't seem too authentic or inline with what they do.

Clients who use Herbalife™️ to get healthy, are basically consuming genetically modified ingredients, an overload of vitamins and are replacing real foods with low-quality factory-made supplements. The final verdict is to scroll past it on Instagram and eat some real foods!

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