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Coconut Oil, Wheat Grass and Smoothies?

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Here are the last few myths we are going to debunk today. Let’s uncover all the myths!

1. Coconut Oil is better than olive.

So I have been reading so many positive things about coconut oil and its healing powers, especially about cooking with it. Coconut oil contains antioxidants, tasteless and, although it is solid at room temperature, is a source of healthy saturated fat. But coconut oil does not have any substantial beneficial nutrients than olive oil. Olive oil has more “good fats” in it that than coconut, has less saturated fat in it and has fewer calories than coconut.

Verdict: Olive oil still reigns supreme.

2. Wheatgrass shot for health.

Wheatgrass shots are one of those things you see on a menu and you have no idea what is in it. Wheatgrass is a potent blend that has a plethora of health benefits. Some belief in wheatgrass therapy, where you regularly drink it but taking it occasionally can give you the same benefits. Some of the benefits include regulating bowels, being gluten-free, improves digestion, can heal eczema or other skin conditions, contains all minerals; vitamin a, c, e, l and k, rich in protein, purifies the liver and detoxes sales. Post cheat day, you can even take this shot to help stabilize your body. To start, try adding wheatgrass to smoothies or pancake batters if you do not like the taste. But, if you are a trooper, take a shot a day to consume all the wonderful benefits it has.

Verdict: Yes take it, add it to a meal, just yes!

3. Smoothies instead of food.

Okay so there are so many “meal replacements” or “drink a smoothie instead of food” fads all around. The truth is, these are not a bad idea. However, the decision is up to you to either drink a smoothie or actually eat your nutrients. Personally I do not like to drink my calories because I enjoy eating foods. I rather eat my proteins, carbs and fats rather than drink strawberries, bananas, kale, oats and peanut butter. The idea that meal replacement will make you lose weight is another myth because it's all a matter of calories. A 100 calorie smoothie is the same calories as a 100 calorie meal. (Duh!) Where smoothies come in handy is if you are in a time crunch or need something convenient to carry. When making or purchasing a smoothie, remember that fruits are high in sugar so try not to add too much. Add a good amount of vegetables and supplement it with protein, minerals, or carbs with supplements or with oats, peanut butter, green tea or nuts!

Final Verdict: If you are ina time crunch not a bad idea but if you like eating food better, these are not necessary!

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