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100 Crunches for A Flat Stomach !

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Time for a CHALLENGE! 100 crunches a day for a flat stomach. Or 50 lunges a day for a big butt. There is so many posts about doing an exercise for a set amount of reps for results. And the truth is these will work!

But not forever…

Wait those ACTUAL Work and How?

Yes, they do. There is a lot of squat, crunch, or lunge challenges that simply say to do the exercise 20 or 50 times a day, with it usually increasing every day or week. No matter what the exercise is, these workouts will work. You will be doing an exercise repeatedly so of course your body will get a workout and get sore. Especially if you are doing high rep amounts, which will increase the intensity.

What’s the Catch …

Although you will get a workout, these workouts are not sustainable for more than a couple of weeks. As your body gets adjusted to doing an exercise, the effects of exercise will stop unless you intensify it. (see my intensifying guide here) Even adding more reps won’t vary the exercise enough overtime for it to continuously work.

Let’s Fix It

Varying a workout is the best way to consistently get results and see progress. This means with reps, weights, angles and changing the entire workout completely. Your body gets accustomed to things you do all the time, it is the simple task of adaption. So you have to try new things to keep your body working. These challenges only address reps (usually) but nothing else. So change it up! Here are some switches, additions and variations:

Crunches -> Try 1-Leg Crunches, Elevated Crunches, Alternating Leg Crunches

One- Leg Crunch

Lunges -> Try backward lunge, lunge with front-kick, lunge with a hop, jump lunges, backward lunge with back kick, lunge with weights, walking lunges

Squats -> Try squat jumps, squats with sidekick, sumo squat, squat with a resistance band, one leg squat, squat downs, one-leg squats, elevated squats, double pump squats, squat with knee tuck

Push-Ups -> T-push-ups, side-to-side push-ups, spider crawl, Santana push up, sumo push-up

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