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The Perfect Ratio

Low carb, high protein, no fat.


No carb, no fat, all protein.


Medium fat, no carb, high protein.


The ratio of what you should be eating and how much can be confusing. So much information out there telling you different ratios of what to eat. Many people believe that they should eat less carbs and higher and protein for weight loss. Others recommend cutting out entire groups like carbs to lose weight.

What Science Says

The right ratio of carb, protein and fats is 45-65% carb,10-35% protein and 20-30% fat.


Carbohydrates are your main source of energy and fuel for everyday activities and exercises. Carbohydrates are also the most abundant nutrient as most foods have some sort of carb percentage in it. Did you know that vegetables, meat, fats and fruit all have carbs in them.This is why it is the highest percentage of the 3 main nutrients. 45-65% of carbohydrates does not equate filling half your plate with rice or bread, be mindful of your startchy carbs intake.

Fats are another source of energy and your main storage of energy. Unlike popular theory, you need to consume fats every day to maintain a healthy wait and basic metabolic processes. The key is to consume healthy fats in moderation (see my guide here). Healthy fats are not limited to just olive oil or nuts, they can be found in avocados, darker meats and fish or even in seeds. The reason why your fat percentage ranges is because the fat you need to consume depends on BMI and body needs.

Lastly, your protein percentage is your last source of fuel. Protein is never used as energy to do something (yes when you are working out your body actually doesn't use proteins ever.) Instead proteins are used to repair muscles, preserve muscles and assist in metabolic processes. A lot of people think to lose weight they must eat more protein than anything else; but in reality, any excess protein you eat that doesn’t equate the repair you need, gets turned to fat. This is why protein is usually on the lower spectrum of food you need to eat.

Finding the Right Ratio for You:

Here is a quick list of percentages that could work to reach your goal. Remember, these are subjective to everyone, so one percentage might not work for everyone. Adjust them until they work for you!

Build Muscle/Mass:

40-60 % Carb, 15-25 % Fat, 25-30 % Protein

Workout: Lift heavy and intense and do cardio on rest days

Maintain Weight:

30-50 % Carb, 25-30% Fat, 25-30% Protein

Workout: 3-4x a week, do interval training and cardio, while maintaining an active lifestyle.

Lose Weight/Tone (Short Term ~2-4 months)

10-30% Carb, 30-40% Fat, 40-50% Protein

Workout: Heavy plyometric and weight training. Consume carbs mostly before workouts and in morning.

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