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Do Fat Burning Pills Work?

"Just take 2 pills a day and lose weight without changing your diet or exercise! Read testimonies on our site and get the first 2 months free!! Call 1-800-NO-FATS today."

Side effect may include: stroke, heart attack, seizures, may make you susceptable to contracting immune diseases, HPV, heart failure, high cholesterol, congestive heart failure, arteries puncturing, ulcers in stomach, memory loss, ear infection, hyperactivity, diarrhea, painful sores on body, hair loss, excessive wieght gain, speech impairment and in most cases death.

It is time to uncover the magical world of fat burning pills and what they do. You see them on the commercials, in convenience stores, advertised in magazines and maybe even purchased a bottle. Fat burning pills seem to be the magical way to lose weight without having to change anything, just pop some pills and violá you lose 10 pounds. But do they work?

What is in a Pill?

So what is actually in a fat burning pill? Pills like Lipozene and other pills like it include the active ingredient of fiber. Specifically, a water soluble fiber. Other pills like Hydroxycut, contain a combination of herbs and extracts as well as caffeine and green tea extra.

How Do These Ingredients Work?

For Lipozene and other fiber rich fat burning pills, the increase in fiber is "causal" to weight loss. It will not only absorb excess water, but promote using the restroom regularly or frequently. For Hydroxycut and other stimulant fat burning pills, they increase energy, promote a faster metabolism and encourages having less fat on the body.


If you aren’t laughing by now, I will let you in on the joke. NO! (lol) Don’t buy them. Simple.

Fat burning pills are basically just supplementing food that you can easily eat but adding an extra wow factor. They usually come with adverse side effects that can be detrimental. Let’s break it down:

Lipozene – Increases fiber in your diet. Which is the same effect of eating more whole wheat foods like oatmeal or vegetables…

Studies with Lipozene have concluded that participants that use the supplement (the main ingredient glucomannan) lost more overall weight (barely) than those who didn’t. The science behind it is that eating more fiber will keep you full longer causing you to lose more weight (read about it here). But, after a 6-month trial, participants weight loss plateaued. They would have to change their diet and workout to lose more weight. Basically there is no long-term effect, just eat more fiber and save the money.

Hydroxycut – The first time Hydroxycut was introduced to the market (2002), it originally got recalled due to causing liver failure, seizures and rhabdomyolysis 7 years later (This is not a joke.) Then it came back to the market with more herbal ingredients, including green tea extract.

The study showed that people who ingest green tea extract are more likely to lose overall weight compared to those who don't. Basically, a herbal blend with caffeine. As you know (read my post here on green tea) green tea can help boost your metabolism and encourage fat loss. A box of Lipton green tea retails for $3.49 (and does not have any impairing side effects), while Hydroxycut retails for $19.99-$59.99 (with a history of being damaging). Hydroxycut ingredients also varies throughout their products, meaning each variant has varying levels of caffeine which can cause a caffeine overdose. Yikes

Basically don’t even bother to buy these products. It is a waste of money, has health effects and you can basically be achieved by eating oatmeal and drinking green tea.

Replacements -

Pills that claim to be magical in weight loss should always be avoided. But there is an upside to a supplement aimed to help fat loss. Supplements like green tea extract and Omega-3 helps boost metabolism (green tea) and incorporating more fat to help burn more fat (Omega-3.)

I also like to use a fat based supplement for a fat burning effect. Conjusgated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a supplement that is a fatty acid (omega-6.) The benefits include:

  • helping with weight loss

  • muscle-building and strength improvements

  • anticancer effects

  • bone-building benefits

  • growth and developmental support

  • reversing atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries)

  • improving digestion

  • reducing food allergies and sensitivities

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