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Cellulite, Dimples, Lumps, Etc...

Today we are talking cellulite. Ever wonder how it forms, how do people get, how to prevent it, getting rid of it and acceptance? Let's look at what it!

Science -

Cellulite is all about body fat and distribution. The “lumpy” look on your skin is due to the way the fat sits under your skin. The fat pushes on the connective tissue disturbing the skin causing it be dent or push out. Women usually get cellulite more than men due to fact that women generally having more fat on there body. However, cellulite can happen when you are thin, overweight, fit, it does not discriminate.

Prevention -

Because cellulite is so prevalent and common, there are very little preventative measure you can do to stop yourself from getting it. Drinking water and being mildly active pre and during puberty is the best way to prevent cellulite, however, most people have passed that stage when they want to get rid of it. And let’s be honest, no young girl wants to workout daily to prevent cellulite.

Getting Rid-

There are many ways that people say can lessen your cellulite. Here are a few:

  1. Coffee scrub? (Yes coffee is the cure for everything.) Coffee, when applied topically, can help plump skin up, increase blood flow, tighten skin and can helps give antioxidants to the skin. Make a mixture of coffee grounds, olive or avocado oil or coconut oil. Use the scrub on the affected areas daily to see improvements.

  1. Massage. One of the main reasons for cellulite is uneven distribution of fat and low blood flow. How do you get the fat back where it belongs? Massage it back ! In addition to the scrub, massaging the area can help make it appear better. Massage affected area for 15 minutes daily to help get blood flowing and reducing dimples.

  1. Workout! Of course this is a solution. Although, cellulite can happen at any weight and size, if you have less fat (obviously) the less cellulite you will have. Try weight lifting and doing some cardio, to lose cellulite. Living a healthier lifestyle and having a lower body fat means less of a chances for cellulite.

  2. Collagen. There are many collagen creams and lotions, made to help plump skin and improve elasticity. However, collagen is most effective when ingested. Skip the creams and try a collagen supplement. Not only will it reduce wrinkles and overall skin texture, but it will also improve the look of the skin on your legs and butt. Try combining all 4 of the above to be able reduce your cellulite and have healthy skin.

5. Lasers? If you have money, skip all the above and try laser fat removal or other injections. You will get immediate results and you will lose cellulite. HOWEVER these treatments won’t last forever, won’t teach you how to prevent or get rid of it, and the results are temporary.

6. The last and best way to feel better about your cellulite is to accept it. (Cliche af) Cellulite affects 90% of women across the board of all sizes and shapes. You can also get cellulite throughout your lifetime when your pregnant, hormonal changes and weight loss. With something that is so common, accepting your dimples is the easiest thing you can do. Working out, drinking water and massaging your body are good tactics in general, but if your cellulite is persistent through this allow it to flourish. Flaws add character to you and reminds everyone that no one is perfect !





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