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Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Believe it or not, losing fat is not hard, it's keeping it off that gets people tied up. Once your body creates those enlarged fat cells you are more prone to gaining fat, back! However, including some of my tips below will help you get back on track and blast the fat away!

1. Cardio. Including cardio to your workout is a great way to initially lose fat. The key to cardio is to do it in intervals to target fat loss. Just running or jogging for an extended period of time will help you burn more calories but it won't target fat specifically.

Fix: Interval training. Use an interval timer with your cardio having 20-45 seconds of sprinting and 40 sec - 1 min of walking, this is the best way to burn more fat and keep your body burning fat after your workout is complete. Use this method on a treadmill, bicycle, StairMaster, or any cardio machine.

2. Cutting out calories. If you want to lose fat, try changing up your diet. If you are eating excess calories that could be the cause of you storing excess fat. Try counting calories (see how-to here) and see where you are eating excess calories. Then do simple cuts based on that.

3. Eat fat? Although fat may seem like the enemy, you do still need to consume at least 10-30% of healthy fats per day. First, you want to switch out all of your current fats for healthy ones (check out the diagram below.)

Next, you want to consume a good amount of fats. If you cut out all fats from your diet, your body will turn other nutrients (carbs and proteins) into fat to substitute it. Low-fat diets are not bad however if you vary your fat intake (eating extra one day and less the other). This will boost your metabolism and in turn burn more fat.

4. Go outside. One of the things that I have noticed helps me lose fat is to go outside and workout. Whether it is running, a quick circuit, playing soccer, or doing track/bleacher workouts, going outside makes me sweat more and work harder. Environmental factors also can help you burn extra fat (if it's cold, you burn more fat to produce more heat and when it's hot, you exert water weight as sweat to cool you down). This is the reason being people tend to work out harder and longer when doing fun activities outdoors.

6. Fat burning pills. Fat burning pills only are effective with proper diet and exercise to help get off those last pounds of fat. They work by helping your metabolism, adding more healthy fats to help you lose fat, push you through a plateau stage and help lean muscle development. Caution: some fat loss pills can be harmful, read the labels and do not take more than the recommended amount.

7. Change it up. Having a varied workout is the best way to keep your body working and increase fat loss. When your body gets used to a workout style, it stops progress and fat loss. Read about how to intensify a workout here.

8. Be patient. Your body fights to stay at the same weight and maintain fat storage. To break this takes time and teaching your body to store less fat. It takes 4 weeks for you to see a change, 6 weeks for friends and family to see a change and 8 for everyone to see it. But to change your body's natural anatomy can take years. Take a breath and be patient for your change.

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