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Apple's Unite✊🏾

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

It is time to explore the unwanted species. The women who are the opposite of what we should look like, the one with no hips, the visceral fat barriers; yes I am talking about apple-shaped women.

In today's voluptuous hourglass, cinched-waist world; us apple-shaped girls are seen as the "bad" body shape. Apple-shaped women are characterized as holding their weight around there stomach and chest. Physically, people who are apple-shaped have smaller and thinner legs and/or have a heavier set chest. With a small waist being in trend, apple women usually try to accommodate the standard in many ways. Including waist trainers, extreme dieting or even plastic surgery.

But its time to stop the persecution and shaming of all the apples. We may not have big hips or a tiny waist but being apple-shaped is not a death sentence! I am an apple-shaped woman; I have always felt wary of my lack of hips and round body In the realm of curvy women, you cannot help but to want to change or appear more on-trend. The act of comparison is a self-esteem killer. You do not need to look like a coke bottle to be beautiful.

Take the ultimate apple woman Kate Upton for example:

Kate is a runway and magazine model who has had recurring sports illustrated swimsuit edition covers. Kate is the quintessential apple shape. She carries most of her weight around her waist and stomach and has long thin legs. However, this has not stopped her from being a model or from wearing bikinis almost in every shoot.

But apple-shaped women do not stop here...

Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Osbourne and Oprah Winfrey are all among women who have the apple figure. In fact, 14% of women are apple-shaped (which is roughly 498 million) Chances are if you look around you, you will notice that there are many more women like you.

Health -

The actual real health issue that arises with being apple-shaped is that you have more fat stored above your waistline. This is a concern only when you are overweight; because it means that you have more fat near your heart and veins leading to your heart. Make sure you are eating healthy and regularly exercising with any body shape. But for apples, you want to maintain a healthy weight and keep body fat percentage low. Also, make sure you are working out legs because they tend to be proportionately smaller than out upper half. Having strong legs with help support your body and even out any dramatic difference between your body

Try this circuit:

Repeat 5x

20 Skater Lunge

20 Snowboarders

20 Side/Back Lunge on Each Leg

15 Banded Squat Jumps

As I googled "apple-shaped" I found a lot of tips on how to dress to flatter your figure, what to eat and how to change your body type. Below are the top tips I have summed from everything. Get ready:

Clothes -

Wear whatever you want.

Food -

Eat whatever you want.

How to Change Your Body -


Embracing yourself is the key to any happiness and for us apples, it's not looking like the standard and being happy! You do not need to change your body, your clothes, your diet or anything to change yourself. Keep calm and be an apple!





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