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I Don't Want to Get Big !

Will lifting make you get big? Not if you do not want it too. The myth that weight lifting will cause you gain big bulbous muscles is not true (unless you want that), in fact weight lifting is the key to creating the exact opposite; lean, long toned mucles. To actually gain muscle by just weight lifting alone takes a long time and won't happen unless matched with consistent increased calories and lifting. The key to making weight lifting work for what you want, is weight and reps.


The benefits that weight lifting can have on your body, are numerous. In addition to the aesthetic changes, it can positively effect your health.

1. It can improve your physical capacity in everyday task and in the gym. Which pretty much means it can basically can make everything easier from picking up grocery bags to your next workout session.

2. Improves bone density. As you age, your bones age with you, lose mass and becoming more brittle. Weight lifting can help maintain a healthy bone density and keep your bone mass up. This is important because bones play a vital part in protecting your organs, storing calcium and anchoring your muscles.

3. Decreases overall bodyfat. Yes lifting weights causes you to lose fat. The science behind it is, that the more muscle you gain while working out, the less fat you will have because the muslce replaces it. Because muscle takes up less room than fat, you will also become smaller even if your weight reamin the same.

4. Improves overall body health. Lifting can lower your risk of getting diabetes, improve blood sugar levels and improve back pains. Always remember, however, to perform exercises with the correct form to reduce injury to your joints and muscles.

5. Helps you burn calories... even after your done. The energy exerted through lifting momentarily burns off calories. But even after your workout is done, your body is still burning through calories and fat. This makes it a workout that works even after your done!

How to Start

Starting to weight lift might be scary; all the machines and the macho expert gym rats that surround the area makes for an intimidating environment. But don't worry Google is your friend. I like to go to Bodybuilding.com and look up things on there database (https://www.bodybuilding.com/exercises/) not only does it show you exercises but it also has correct form and most exercises have videos. Try everything and find out which are the most effective for you. One thing I was new to was upper body and arm workouts and this website gave me insight and training tips to it.

To Get Leaner Muscle by Lifting:

- Train longer (duration of exercise ex. 2 minutes of training and 30 sec rest) and less intense

- Light to medium amount of weight

- Proper form is imperative!

- Do full body workouts weekly, and isolate body parts throughout

- Be patient

To Get Muscle by Lifting:

- Train shorter (duration of exercise ex. 1-min train and 5 minute rest) and more intense

- Add medium to high amount of weight

- Proper form is imperatice !

- Insolate body parts each day

- Eat more (protein) post workout

- Be patient

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