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Hungry Yet?

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Have you ever had difficulty getting hungry?

For some people having an appetite doesn't occur often: I wake up and I am just not hungry.

This usually leads to a decrease in the meals they eat per day, which can drop to less than 3 meals a day. However, for weight loss you should be eating at least 4-6x a day and every 3-5 hours. Did you ever think that eating less is the reason for your weight gain?

Here are my tips on how to get hungry throughout the day:

1. Breakfast. We all know my obsession with breakfast from my second Scorp Tip but, breakfast can set your body up for the entire day. Once you eat breakfast, your metabolism will start and consequently make you hungrier throughout the day. If you wake up and aren't very hungry try eating 2 hardboiled egg whites (for vegans try firm organic tofu) and a cup of broccoli. Why should eat this? Because it is just enough calories to move your metabolism, but it will also get burned very quickly, making you hungrier after.

2. Fasted cardio. This is a method a lot of people use during training to help deplete there energy (glycogen) storage and burn fat directly. Here's how you do it:

The best time to do fasted cardio is right when you wake up because your body is already in a fasted state from the night before. You want to consume 25-100 calories of protein (1 egg, whey protein, handful of nuts, tbsp peanut-butter.) Although it is "fasted" you want to preserve your muscle mass, so consuming a little bit of protein can help slow or stop muscle breakdown. Next you want to intense cardio session for 15-45 minutes. I like to do interval training of high knees or jump squats. Every time I do fasted cardio, I am starving for breakfast afterwards. Make sure you are breaking a sweat, and going all out in the cardio.

3. Decrease starchy carbs. Another reason why you may not be getting hungry is because you are consuming too much breads, pastas or rice in one serving. Eating a lot of carbs in one meal will keep you full for extended periods of time and excess carbs will be stored as fat. Now this does not mean cut out carbs (never stop eating carbs) this just means to eat an appropriate amount for your body. Usually you need a cupped palm amount of carbs with every meal, if you are working out that should increase in the meals pre and post workout.

4. Detox? Maybe you are not getting hungry because you need to use the bathroom. Lack of bowel movements can make the body feel full, but it is just full of shit. If you think this is your problem increase the amount of fiber you eat (try my oatmeal recipe) or adding magnesium as a supplement. If eating more fiber or magnesium doesn't work, try doing a detox. I have a couple Detox Ideas on my blog, that are natural and easy. Increase your water and try a detox to get you cleared out and hungry.

Getting hungry isn't hard, but getting hungry frequently can be. Remember hunger is when you feel slightly hungry (not starving) and should occur every 3-5 hours if you are eating right. Make sure you are making time in your day to eat, never eating or skip it entirely. Eat breakfast, do some cardio, detox and eat the right about of carbs to get your hunger regulated. Stop reading and go get hungry!

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