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Eat Less Gain More?

Updated: May 20, 2020

Something I have always had an issue with is eating more food to gain weight. I am a naturally skinny-smaller person and it's hard for me to gain weight. To gain weight/muscle you need to eat an extra 500-700 calories a week.

If you get full fast, are naturally skinny, or just need a boost, this is the guide you have been waiting for. These are my go-to calorie adders that help me eat more, but not feel stuffed.

Olive Oil (Light) -

Olive oil is a perfect calorie adder because it is so light and can be added to anything. Olive oil is roughly 120 calories per tablespoon, this means that just adding a little oil to cook your food or pouring it over your food can help. Be cautious, because it is a source of fat, you do not want to pour olive oil to every single meal, every day.

Avocadoes (Heavy)-

Avocadoes is a dense food that has roughly 260-400 calories per fruit. Avocadoes are one of the foods I like to add to my meal to get the calories up. I like to eat it on toast with eggs, add it to salads or even use it a mayonnaise substitute. Because it is so dense, I like to eat an avocado in two sittings (meals). Avocadoes also help keep your skin, hair and nails moisturized.

Chia Seeds (Light) -

These little seeds are the easiest way to add some extra calories and nutrients to your meal. 2tbsp are 138 calories and are tasteless, meaning you can sprinkle them on anything. In oatmeal, in rice, in yogurt; chia seeds can be added. Unlike olive oil, chia seeds have a more complete and nutritious making; including protein, fiber, calcium, and magnesium.

Peanut-Butter (Medium) -

I am obsessed with peanut butter and have a strong addiction to it. But it is also a great way to spike to calories. I like to add it to my oatmeal or eat it on bread. 2 tbsp of peanut butter is about 200 calories and provide some fats and protein. If you are allergic to peanut butter, try almond butter!

Whey Protein (Medium)- Whey is a great way to get extra protein and add calories to your meal. Depending on your whey, 1 scoop could be from 100-350 calories. My favorite whey is the FNX Reform Vegan Whey in Chocolate (save 15% by using code: Scorp) Your choice of whey is important, however, some whey's have extra sugar and sodium which you want to avoid. Whey also tends to make people retain more water so be careful of bloat.

Whole Wheat Bagel (Heavy)-

Usually, people are wary of bagels but I think whole wheat ones are perfect for adding calories. They range from 230-400 calories per bagel, I usually eat half of a bagel at one time and add peanut butter on it. Substituting your regular bread with, half a bagel can help increase your calories by 100-200 calories in just one meal! Caution: Refrain from butter and cream cheese when eating a bagel.

Nuts (Light) -

All kinds of nuts can help increase your calories and be a quick snack. 1 cup of mixed nuts can be as high as 800 calories! Peanuts, pecans, walnuts, almonds, pistachios and pine nuts are my favorite ones to eat. I like to eat homemade trail mix for a snack or add pecans to some of my meals.

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