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No Carb Diet

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Sike! You need carbs and removing them from your diet is not good. I see so many "no" or "low" carb diets that lead people to believe that carbs are bad and not eating them will make them instantly lose weight. That is not true, you cannot completely cut any major nutrient from your diet without harming your health, so let's talk carbs.

No Carb Diets

Low or no-carb diets do not work because it's depleting your body of stored energy. Your brain needs carbohydrates to function and it is a major source of energy. Most Americans eat enough carbs and most likely overconsume them leading them to believe that removing them from a diet is the cure for being overweight. Excess carbs will lead to weight gain, however, you still need to consume carbs to function properly and to suppress hunger. The key to eating carbs is to do it properly and be cautious of the portion sizes.

There are Different Carbs?

Carbs or carbohydrates are a macronutrient (one of three) that you need to consume. Carbs provide the body with energy and are made up of starches, glucose and fiber. There are two different kinds of carbs simple and complex carbs. Simple carbs are sugar in a "natural" state; they can also include refined sugars as well. These carbs include fruit, brown sugar, raw sugar, sucrose and other sugars. The best simple cards to consume are from fruit and raw sugars. These are naturally sweet foods that can give you a sugar fix if you need one!

The other kinds of carbs are complex carbs. These carbs are longer strains of carbohydrates and aren't as simple or easily made as a simple carb. Complex carbs are usually higher in starch and fiber content. These are found in pasta, rice, bread or even oatmeal. For these carbs, you want to choose unrefined versions a.k.a whole wheat or whole grain. Not only will you get energy out of these options but your because it is an unrefined grain you are consuming more fiber and less man-made nutrients. Refined complex carbs such as white rice or bread have higher calories than whole wheat and tend to be empty food that gives you no needed nutrients. It is a safe bet to keep your starchy foods brown!

When to Eat

So you need carbs every day but there are certain times you should eat it more. When you wake up, your first meal should be high in carbs; both complex and simple carbs. Meaning includes fruit or vegetables and a whole grain anything to your first meal. This will immediately give you energy and normalize your glucose levels. Your carb consumption throughout the day should be regular (your palm size amount) and should fluctuate mostly if you are working out. Pre-workout you should have a larger portion of carbs and post-workout you should have a slightly larger portion. Pre-workout, carbs can give you more energy to push through the workout and post-workout can replenish your body. Making sure that the portion pre-workout is bigger than your post-workout portion.

Carbs are not as scary as they seem and you should never neglect them! Choose more carefully your carb choice and cater them to your day.

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