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Updated: May 20, 2020

No seriously put on your pajamas and go to bed. Sleep is becoming a luxury and one of the most slept on secrets to health. People love to sleep, but opt to stay up late every night and deprive themselves of sleep. Proper amounts of sleep can help your health, weight, skin and reduce stress overall.

1. Sleep controls your diet. The master puppeteer of your health is sleep. If you are eating properly, exercises and staying active; the missing piece of the puzzle is sleep. Sleep lets your body recover and allows you to wake up energized for the next day. Enough sleep is 7-9 hours a night depending on the person.

2. Little sleep makes you hungry. It's no secret that the later you stay up the hungrier you get and more likely to eat 'bad foods." In addition, lack of sleep makes you crave carb-sugar-fat filled foods throughout the day. The lack of energy you get from sleep deprivation will blur your healthy mission, don't fall for the trap!

3. Sleep can make you more attentive. Getting enough sleep, gives your mind a break from all its daily activities and a chance to reboot. You know that feeling after you take an amazing nap and you feel energized and ready to do work. Imagine getting this energy every day with just getting enough sleep. Mind Blown.

4. Does sleep control gym time? Yes. As you read above, because sleep controls your energy it subsequently can ruin your workout. The lack of energy will spill into your workout, causing you to not be able to go full force. All your hard work can be ruined just because you are not sleeping.

5. Less stress. This is obvious, after a stressful day a goods night's sleep is always the cure. It helps lower stress levels and can lower your blood pressure. So if you're having a horrible day, just sleep it off.

6. Decreases fat storage. Getting proper sleep allows your body to properly store and use fat on your body. However, lack of sleep makes you store more fat (the worst nightmare). Your lack of sleep blocks proper metabolizing of carbohydrates, which increase blood sugar levels in your body and leads to more fat storage. This also leads to insulin-resistant behavior which can cause diabetes.

7. No more bags and clear skin (this is not a dream.) If you suffer from deep eye bags and bad skin, sleep can help. We all see those deep bags we get when we do not get enough sleep but sleep can also help cause acne. Sleep allows cell-turnover and gives your skin time to heal from acne or other impurities. So sleep makes you fitter and prettier; it's a win-win.

Okay so obviously sleep is imperative. To get more sleep actively try to sleep earlier; meaning turning off your TV, putting down your phone and having a bed time. Don't let your sleep behavior be your downfall.

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