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Get Full-Body Workout in 5 Minutes

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

I love to add these moves to all my workouts to ensure that I am engaging my whole body. Watch the video here:

Burpee –

Begin standing feet together and arms by your side. Drop down, putting your hands on the ground in a low squat position. Move all weight to your hands as you jump your feet back into a plank position. Lower your chest to the floor and do a push-up. Once you do one push up you want to jump (or walk) your feet back up to the low squat position. Once you are here you want to jump as high as you can into the air, hands up and project yourself upwards. This is one rep. repeat from the beginning until your sets are done.

Tip: Keep abs tight during the entire duration of the workout. If you cannot jump back into a plank, walk your legs back


High Knees –

Start with feet shoulder-width apart. Lift one knee to your hip level and tap it with your hand. Quickly switch legs and repeat the motion with your other leg. This is one rep. Keep back straight and core tight. Make sure that you are bringing your knee to your hands and not your hands to your knees. Repeat until you are done with the set.

Tip: Keep your head up and back straight during the entire duration of the workout. If you have never done high knees before, start your high knees with a jog and progressively raise your legs higher until you can reach hip height.

High Knees

Jumping Jack –

Stand with feet together and hands by your side. In one motion jump both your legs out by your side bringing your hands up over your head. In another motion jump back to the starting position. This is one rep. Repeat this motion until you are done with the sets.

Tip: Keep abs tight, and back straight during this exercise. If it helps to meet hands above your head, clap your hands above.

Jumping Jacks

Plank Runs-

Begin in plank position, back and arms straight, and core tight. Move one leg forward towards your chest. One lef should be bent towards your chest while the other should be fully extended in a plank position. Jump the next leg forward, switching the legs position. This is one rep. Continue switching legs until you are done with your sets.

Tip: Keep abs engaged during the workout

Plank Runs

Jump Rope –

Have a jump rope in your hands. Stand with the rope behind you at your ankles. Keep elbows close to your body, move your hands forward bringing the rope over your head. Once the rope gets to the front of your body jump over it, keeping feet together and back straight. This is one rep. Repeat motion until you are done with your set.

Tip: Keep abs tight during exercise and jump to a comfortable speed.

Jump Rope

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