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5 Key Leg/Glute Exercises

Updated: May 20, 2020

Watch this video on my 5 favorite leg/glutes exercises. These are all bodyweight exercises that have helped me shape and mold my legs and butt.

Side-Leg Lifts -

Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width apart. Start by doing a full sumo squat. Keeping your back straight and make sure your knees do not go over your toes. After you do your squat raise your body up and move your weight to one leg. As you adjust your weight to one leg, lift the opposite leg up into the air doing a side leg lift. Once your lift is done, bring the lifted leg back to the ground and do another sumo squat. This is one rep. After the squat switches your weight to that leg and repeat the steps on the other leg. Repeat switching until you are done with the set.

Tip: Keep abs tight during the entire workout and kick as high as you can.

One Leg Pike Hop -

Start standing on one leg with arms down by your side. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Reach both hands all the way down, touching the ground. When you touch the floor (if you cannot touch the floor bend your leg a little until you can touch the floor), bring your hands back up until you are standing straight back up. Finish the exercise by hoping on your one leg, putting your hands into the air. This is one rep. Repeat steps until your rep/time are over.

Tip: Make sure you are standing on one leg the entire time. If you need to find your balance stop the exercise and rearrange yourself.

One- Leg Pike Hop

Squat Down –

Stand with feet apart and arms by your side. Jump bringing feet outward to each side while squatting down. As you squat down, reach hands in-between legs touching the ground in between your legs. Hold momentarily and then jump back up, bringing feet back together and arms back at your side. This is one rep. Repeat until you are done with your set.

Tip: When you jump back up from squat position, squeeze glutes before going back down. This maximizes the exercise.

Squat Down

Jump Lunge –

Start in a split stance with one foot in front of the other. Go down into a lunge, bending both legs to a 90-degree angle. Keep front leg vertical. push yourself into the air switching legs in the process. Land with the opposite leg now in front and the other leg back. Lunge back down repeating the motion, this is one rep. Repeat until done with your set.

Tip: When you lunge down really try to push yourself into the air using momentum from your legs. Keep hands on hips if you need to maintain balance.

Jump Lunge

Power Bridge -

Lie on ground or mat flat on your back with legs bent, hands by your side. Slowly lift hips off the floor using heels. Keep back straight, and hands flat down until hips are as high as you can get it. Squeeze glute muscles at the top of this exercise and hold for a moment. Move back down to starting position, this is one rep. Repeat until done with the set.

Tip: Make sure you squeeze glute at the top of this workout and keep hands flat down at all times.

Power Bridge

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