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Stretch Mark Love🌸

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

So let's talk stretch marks!

If you're a girl you probably have or know someone who has stretch marks on their body. Stretch marks can be anywhere and they come in different colors. For some people, they get them from weight gain and for others, it could be weight loss. Stretch marks are a sensitive topic for me (and most women) because they seem unattractive and can make anyone self-conscious.

The Who, What, When, Where and How

Stretch marks are tiny lines on your skin that range from purple, pink, light grey or pale on your skin. These lines are harmless and the result of a change in your weight/body. Most commonly stretch marks usually come during puberty, pregnancy, rapid weight loss, major weight gain. Being a woman also increases your chances, as well as family history (genetics) of stretch marks. Stretch marks can appear anywhere but are most frequent on a woman's hips, breast, arms and stomach. Basically your chances of getting stretch marks as a woman are pretty high.

My Story

When I got stretch marks, I was instantly insecure about them. I have tried many things to get rid of my stretch marks; including glycolic acid peels, lightening gels, excessive exfoliation and buying "get rid of stretch mark creams". My results were less successful; my stretch marks were still there. I am a very driven person and if something bothers me, I am always ready to educate myself and implement my new findings as necessary.

When it comes to stretch marks, however, as displeased as I am with mine, it is something that I (and you) should accept. Stretch marks are so common and many people have them; you should never feel alone when it comes to having them. You can lessen them with moisturizing and drinking plenty of water but, the odds are you will have them for life. The best solution to deal with them is accepted.

It is hard at first but nobody's perfect and stretch marks are completely natural and should be normalized. Wear your stripes proudly and don't let anyone (including yourself) make you feel bad them. #StretchMarkLove

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