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5 Minute Warm Up

Updated: May 20, 2020

Warming up is the most crucial and most forgotten part of any workout. Warm-ups are crucial as it prepares the body to go into workout mode and can:

1. Increase heart rate and blood flow to muscles, preparing them to get working.

2. Can lubricate joints and allow you to have a greater range of motion

3. Mentally get you in the mindset to workout

4. Increase circulation of oxygen, so you are less likely to get fatigued during a workout

The most important thing a warm-up can do is reduce your risk of getting injured. Injuries from working out are very common, even if it is a small one. A proper warm-up should consist of some stretching, cardio, and minimal strength training. A common time a warm-up should be is 10-20 minutes, but I have made a 5 one that does the job just as good and covers all the grounds! Check it out now:

First 30 Seconds

(Walking In Place)

Next 30 seconds

(Jogging In place, Make Sure to Keep Abs Tight)

Next 30 Seconds

(Jumping Jacks)

Next 30 Seconds

(Explosive Squats)

Next 30 Seconds

(Arm Downs, Make sure to Turn as far as You Can go)

Next 30 Seconds

(Reach Overs)

Next 30 Seconds

(High Knees)

Last Minute

(Jump Rope or Jump Skips)

Then You're Done

This basic routine is a great beginner one for those just starting out. Other warm-ups may include:

- Bodyweight squats

- Lunges

- Hip Extensions

- Side Leg Swings

- Push-Ups

- Arm Swings and Shoulder

- rotations

- Lunge with Twists

Start warming up today!






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