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Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Here is a skin problem that many people who workout get. It's called tinea versicolor, and it is large sums of spots along any area that are discolored from the surrounding skin.

Tinea versicolor is a fungal infection that usually affects teens and early adults. It is caused by numerous things including oily skin, living in a hot climate, sweating a lot or having a weak immune system. Although it can happen to anyone, it is more common in individuals who workout as they are more susceptible to the type of environment the infection thrives in.

I have had tinea versicolor on my face when I was younger. My doctor prescribed many creams but nothing worked, it eventually went away. As I started working out more recently, my tinea versicolor came back and it was all over my back, chest, neck and stomach. Not only was I embarrassed that I had it, but it also made me extremely insecure in my skin. I also noticed so many people in the gym had it and professional athletes that suffered from it as well. Luckily I found a way to get rid of it and now my skin looks like this:

Here is my secret to getting rid of it.

First, you want to identify where it is. Tinea versicolor can cover any area of your skin and usually, it moves around meaning it can go fro your leg to your back. I noticed that once I got rid of it one place, I got it back in another shortly after. So make sure once you find where it is, you monitor all the areas around it as well to see if it has moved.

Next, you need 1 key ingredient that has changed my life and that is Selsun blue.

I was looking for a cure to tinea versicolor on google and this came up so I immediately tried it years ago. It took some time but I finally found the perfect method to make it work for me then and now. First, you want to make sure you have the medicated Selsun blue (usually has red on it). The key ingredient that will get rid of the spots is the selenium sulfide, which is in the medicated version.

Now you want to take your Selsun blue before you shower and completely cover the area with a layer of it. Make sure you cover where you see all your spots. It will feel fresh and tingle a little but that's normal (or normal from when I do the method.)

After 15-30 min, the soap should be completely dry like the image below.

Then you go into the shower and wash it off as normal and you are done. The method is quite easy but you need to be consistent and repeat it every single day. For me, it took 1 month to get rid of all my spots and during this time, I did not moisturize the areas I was treating with lotions, creams or anything. This caused me to have extremely dry skin in the area (the Selsun blue is very drying in addition to not moisturizing) but it got rid of the problem. Once my spots returned, going from my back to chest, I repeated the method on my chest and my spots were gone in 2 weeks.

Although this can relieve your skin, there is still maintenance required. Once a week (only after your body is rid of the infection) I like to take a shower and use the soap as a replacement for my normal cleanser and just wash my entire body with it. More preventative measures are to shower immediately after working out and don't wear too many clothes that may cause you to sweat or overheat. I have not had any spots return to the same area since using this method and I am so happy with the results.

Hopefully, if you have this problem, my cure will work for you and you can have clear skin!

***Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and therefore cannot diagnose anyone with anything and I also am not prescribing anything***

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