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What's Your Body Type?

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

"I want your body!"

"Can I look just like you?"

"When will I look like that?"

I have heard the above statements countless times and have used them myself with other people. Every time I see someone with the "perfect" body, I want to look just like them. But it is not as simple as that.

One of the more hidden concepts in reaching a body goal is: body types. This means the way your body naturally carries fat and muscles. Your body type can change throughout your life but it usually remains stable. When you lose weight or get more toned, your body type usually denotes exactly how your body will shape out. Here are the different body types:


This body type usually has longer limbs, are lean or skinny and has difficulty gaining muscle. If you are ectomorphic you usually are apple-shaped (wider/heavier around the stomach) or straight up and down. These body types also have smaller thinner legs (in comparison to the rest of their body). Most models are ectomorphic. With this body type, your metabolism is super fast making it hard to keep on weight and gaining muscles can be difficult. If you want to gain muscle do little cardio and do more strength training; also increase your calorie intake.

Endomorphic -

This body type tends to store more fat, is more pear-shaped (heavier from the waist down), has shorter limbs and has difficulty losing weight. Endomorphs are usually more pear than apple-shaped and are thicker everywhere. These shapes either have an equal distribution of fat everywhere or have more fat storage in a concentrated area. This body type needs a solid combination of frequent workouts and proper diet. Try incorporating higher amounts of cardio with some strength training to tone this body type. However, results can take longer, due to higher fat amounts on the body.


This body type usually has a high muscle mass, narrow waist and is more symmetrical. These are seen as the "optimal" body type for fitness fanatics. You easily gain muscle, have little fat naturally and have a high metabolism. This body type makes it easier to reach a fitness goal and is somewhat a combination of the other two. For this body type, your workouts can have so much range and you can get away with minimal cardio.

Now that you know the different body types, it's time to figure out which one you are and how to train appropriately. I was ectomorphic for most of my life and am now mesomorphic. Although I still have some difficulty gaining weight, I have noticed how easy it is for me to now gain and sustain muscle mass. What's your body type?



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