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Dessert 101

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Being healthy and eating desserts doesn't seem like it can fit, let along go together at all. But luckily if you have a sweet tooth, I have created a guide to satisfy your craving and not ruin your night.

1. Indulge. No really, you have been exercising and working hard the entire week. Have a cookie or a piece of cake on your cheat day and enjoy it. If you regularly eat sweet treats and are now becoming healthier, it may be very difficult to quit it all cold turkey. So instead, have cheat days where you can enjoy your favorite dessert without the guilt. But don't do it often, that's where the indulging gets problematic.

2. Read the labels. This is probably not your first thought when you're about to make a cake but it should be a step in choosing the right dessert. A lot of desserts and sweet treats that are in boxes are packed with trans fat. Trans fats elongate the shelf life of many foods, however, it is highly suggested that we don't consume trans fat because it is linked to many heart-related problems. Read the labels on your favorite frosting, cookies or dough to make sure they don't have any trans fat.

3. Slow it down. When we are hungry, we tend to eat faster and subsequently more food than normal. When we are starving, we tend to grab the highest sugar/carb food we can get and consume a lot more food. To help stop this, we have to eat our desserts (and all meals) way slower. When you eat slower, you will feel your body signals that you are full and eat a normal portion size. You will also savor and enjoy your meal a lot better if you take your time.

4. Make your own. It is not hard to take your favorite dessert and make it healthier. There are so many recipes out there with healthy alternatives and you can take your luck in the kitchen and try your own. My favorite trick to making a healthier dessert is using whole wheat flour. Works just like regular flour but it's made with whole grain.

Cheat Day Guide Here



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