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Breakfast or Die! Scorp Tip☝🏾

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

The title may be dramatic but it gets the point across. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and for me, it has been salient to progress. No matter what I always make sure to eat breakfast, even on busy days. Here is my list on why breakfast is a must for everyone.

1. Regulates eating. I mentioned this before but not into detail. Eating breakfast can help you eat all day. As you might have heard before, breakfast boosts your metabolism and this is the reason why. Eating a complete breakfast when you wake up, makes your metabolism start going in the morning. Once you eat, you are more likely to eat more throughout the day because your metabolism is ready to work. If you notice when you do not eat in the morning, you can go almost the entire day without feeling hungry. This is detrimental to basic metabolic process and this also leads to your body storing all consumed food that day as fat.

2. Healthier food decisions. Eating breakfast can help you make better decisions throughout the day. When you eat a complete breakfast (protein, sugar, carbs), you are less likely to grab sugary or high carb foods later on in the day. Skipping breakfast leads to your body going into starvation mode and opting for high sugar and carb choices as sources of fuel.

3. Makes you healthier? In some ways yes. Eating breakfast can mentally get you in the state to make healthy choices. When the first thing you do is wake up and eat a healthy breakfast, your mind is set up to make you feel and want to become more healthy. When I eat breakfast, I mentally prepare myself to conquer the day and feel better about myself than when I don't.

So what are some examples of healthy breakfasts? Mine is oatmeal, with peanut butter as seen on my recipe page. More options include vegan eggs, yogurt, granola, toast, avocados and even hummus. And check out some of my recipes!

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