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New Year, New You?

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

The new year is just 2 days away meaning it's time to make some resolutions. Every year people commit to a resolution but often fail to complete them. Some people even quit after just 2 weeks! For me, I like to make changes throughout the year when I see something I need to fix, but the new year gives me a definitive fresh start to start changing habits. If you're like me, your resolution includes transforming your body and committing to new lifestyle changes. Here are my resolutions:

Here is are some of my tips on how to make resolutions and keep them:

  1. Write them down, as mentioned before in my Creating a Goal post, writing down what you want to do is proven to increase your risk of remembering it and completing it. Rather than just saying what you want to do, make a habit of jotting it down.

  2. Spend money. Yes, you're going to have to spend some cash on certain goals. If your resolution is to eat more broccoli and you don't have any in your home it may (definitely) cause a problem. Tying a resolution to money can also create more value in it. Once you begin investing in something its importance increases tenfold, especially if it is a lot of cash.

3. Don't make an impossible resolution. If your resolution is to be 5'7" and you're a 22-

year-old female that's currently 5'0"; this resolution is not an attainable or smart one. Make resolutions that you can actually do and ones that you can actually do.

4. Tell people in person and not just social media. If you want to eat healthier as your

resolution, tell as many important people in your life as possible. These people can remind

you of your goal if they see you slacking and can help you work towards your goal.

Announcing things on Twitter or Facebook doesn't have the same effect of actually speaking

to people who can encourage you.

5. Slip-ups does not equate failure. If you don't work towards your resolution for one-day,

relax you haven't failed it! Slipping up or "cheating" on a resolution is natural for anyone, in

fact it's completely normal. Have a cookie if you want and know that you aren't a failure.

For more help on writing and completing resolutions read my post on Creating A Goal which can help you get any goal you need!

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