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I Have No Free Time

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

You're working part-time, are a full-time student, applying to grad schools, trying to balance school and social life and you're starting your own business. How in the world will you find time to workout and meal prep?

Well, this has been my life for the past 5 months. I barely would have time to do my work or to have fun. Luckily, I found a balance and it started with prioritizing my life. Actively take control of your day by giving value to your day. This is easier than it seems and can drastically change your life and time management.

  1. First, write down all the activities you do daily and everything you need to accomplish. This may include maintaining contact with family members, getting a 4.0 and (of course) getting fit. After you create a list, number the items; with 1 being the most important and following in numerical order.

  2. After you number the list, the most important things should stand out to you. Now that you know them, it is time to focus on them and put the less prominent items on the back burner. I found it best to focus on my top 10 priorities throughout the day and once I completed all of them, I would do the bottom 10 things. (I had 20 things on my original list but only 5 were absolutely dire.)

Yes, this was my college desk, yikes.

3. Organize and conquer. Now that you know what you want you should start a daily task list, yes another list. I like to use the sticky note app on my computer, the note app on my phone, or actual sticky notes. Your daily list is necessities that you want to accomplish by the end of the day. If your list is long, you may need to sacrifice some time in the morning or night to do everything. As you read in my Creating A Goal post, accomplishing daily short term goals like your task list, is a great way to help you get accustomed to achieving success.

Once you organize the important things in your life, you will notice the frivolous activities you do daily that take up your time. Whether it's internet surfing or napping all day, the obstacles in your way of getting free-time are more obvious than you think.

Organization has been key to me making time to do anything especially, working out, eating or meal prepping. As health fell into my top 3 priorities, I made sure to reserve time in my day for it and it took a relatively small amount of time out my day. Getting healthy takes a lot less time than you think. (Meal prep is 1.5 hours on a Sunday and1-2 hour a day to workout 4/5 a week to workout)

Look at your list and customize your day to get things accomplished!

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