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Creating A Goal!

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Time to talk about goals!

So you know you want to make a lifestyle change and you want it to happen quickly. You want to be 20 pounds slimmer in 2 weeks and finally be able to fit into your new jeans and it is totally obtainable, right?

Although miracles can happen this is NOT a good goal. In fact, this goal is pretty much destined for failure. No true change can happen overnight, you have to work for it. Setting goals is key to progress as it gives you a marker to hit instead of aimlessly trying to accomplish something. So where do you begin?

August 2016 vs September 2014

First, you need to develop the concept of patience. As (self-proclaimed) captain of the impatience club, I know how difficult it can be to wait. All my beginning mistakes came from me trying to take short cuts and speeding up my journey. When it comes to sculpting and molding your body, patience must become a virtue and your sanity. Just remember that nothing worth having comes easy.

Along with patience, you should research and understand averages, normalcies and commonalities. What do I mean by this? Know what science says about your goals. The average person can lose 1/2-2 pounds a week (depending on there starting weight), can lose 1-2 inches around there bodies by dropping 10-15 pounds and generally eat 2000 calories a day. These are good markers to start your journey. This does not mean that these will work for you 100 percent through and through. These are just numbers of what normally happens. Keeping these in mind can help you chose a weight-loss amount that is obtainable, how much you possibly can eat and what to expect when you lose weight.

Now no goal is complete without duration and variation. I am talking short and long term goals. Short term goals are one that has a foreseeable future like "I will not eat candy tomorrow." Yes, this goal is not a major one, but it is still an accomplishment if you complete it. Short term goals give you frequent successes and a good feeling that you did what you were going to do. Setting these throughout your day or the week is a good way to set yourself up with major adrenaline and dopamine. One of my short term goals daily was to not eat all the mini pretzels (my kryptonite) at my house. During my journey, this was important to me because I had a major addiction to eating an entire 50 oz bags of the pretzels in one sitting (true story)

Long term goals are ones that you can't necessarily see but you want to conquer it in the future. This may be fitting in jeans that are 6 sizes smaller than your current ones or even running a marathon. These goals are the major ones that you have to actively work towards accomplishing. One of my long term goals is to gain 3 inches on my hips and lose 2 around my waist.

Current Body

A goal should be created to help you focus and have a focus. Do your research, change your habits and create a goal you want to accomplish, whether it's health-related or not. Most importantly; write them down! Writing down a goal makes it more visual and solidified in your mind. Here at BodiedbyScorp, we want you to reach your goal and surpass it.

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