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Updated: Nov 9, 2020

Introducing #ScorpTips; these are some of my favorite tips that have helped me maintain, reach and support my goal. Look at for these weekly tips marked with a "☝🏾"

Green Tea

The benefit of green tea is an impressive list that not only contributes to healthy weight loss, but also to healthy skin, a better brain and can stop your risk from getting diseases. Green tea has been a staple in my journey. I try to drink one cup at least once a day, especially on my rest days. The benefits of green tea include:

  1. Boosting your metabolism

  2. Provides the body with needed antioxidants

  3. Can improve brain functioning

  4. Helps burn fat

  5. Can lower your risk of getting Alzheimer's/Parkinsons

  6. Helps you lose weight

I prefer to drink green tea right either right when I wake up or right before bed. It can also a great substitute for coffee, although it is decaffeinated. Being a coffee enthusiast, sometimes I do not want to drink green tea every morning so a good substitute is green tea extract. It gives the same benefits as a cup of tea but it is in capsule form.

I take this one by NOW®️ brand and it is more potent than a regular cup of green tea. Green tea has been a key ingredient in me keeping my stomach flat and my skin glowing, no other drink is comparable. Try some green tea today and incorporate it into your everyday routine!

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