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How Do I Like Workout?

Updated: Nov 9, 2020


Yes, you read it right, not hit but HIIT.

Welcome to the world of High-Intensity Interval Training and a key component to BodiedbyScorp. HIIT training combines burst of intense training with short breaks, making a complete workout in less time then you could ever imagine.

So What’s HIIT?

HIIT is any workout that switches from an intense burst of energy to short rest; each being for a specific amount of time. This on again off again intensity levels not only can drastically shorten the amount of time you work out for, but it is most effective for fat burning.

What Are the Benefits?

  1. No equipment is necessary. Although you can do HIIT at the gym, most HIIT workouts do not require any equipment for beginner levels. This means you can do it at home or in any space you feel comfortable in.

  2. Keep your muscles! With cardio, your body can break down muscle if it needs more energy. With HIIT, your body will use your stored fat and helps you maintain and grow your muscle mass.

  3. As with all exercise, your metabolism will increase when you train using HIIT. However, your metabolism will constantly be working encouraging you to lose more weight and keep you at a healthy weight, when you do HIIT.

  4. Less time, same results. HIIT is revolutionary in that it is the most effective way to burn more calories and fat in a short amount of time. With even just 12-15 minutes workout a day, you get the same results as someone who spends hours in the gym.

HIIT training comes with a bunch of bonuses and positive attributes however it is not a walk in the park. With other workout methods, you do the exercise for however many sets and then you take an extended break from 30 seconds – 3 minutes (depending on the workout). HIIT has minimal rest and longer durations of exercise time. This means you have to push yourself through the workout and give it your all and use your rest time to get ready for the next exercise. This uses effective strength training techniques, to get quicker results.

I also like to use timed workouts and workouts to completion. This means you have to try to do as many rounds as possible for the specified time. Start a timer and do the exercises in order for the number of reps written. After you complete them all you count this as “1 round”, your goal is complete as many rounds as possible, with proper technique and form, in the time amount given.

Workout to completions are also timed workouts but instead of using a countdown timer, you use a stopwatch to time yourself. You use this with workouts that have a specified amount of reps for each exercise that happens consecutively. Your goal is to do the exercises and their desired reps in concession until you have finished all the rounds. When you finish the rounds you stop the timer and record how long it took you to do the complete workout.

I use these 3 methods of HIIT, timed workouts, and workout to completions in my every day and with all the plans I create. This equates to getting workouts packed with intensity everyday helping you gain strength and lose fat!

I love HIIT workouts, especially, when I am in a crunch for time. It's the easiest way to get in some strength and cardio without spending so much time in the gym.

Learn how to set up your interval timer!

Step 1: Download an interval timing app, my favorite is round timer. You can also use a manual watch.

Step 2: Set up your timer to the rounds desired. Don't forget to add time for your warm-up and at least 10 minutes as a cool down. When setting up round timer make sure you put the correct time for the number of rounds and rest time. If there are 3 exercises and you want to do 6 rounds then the number of rounds you put should be 18.

Step 3: After the warmup is done, the timer will buzz, notifying you that it is time to start the workout. Immediately go into exercise one doing as many sets as possible. Make sure to keep proper form and give it your all!

Step 4: When the round timer is done, app will ring again notifying you it is your rest time. Use this time to get water, write down how many reps you did and get ready to go into the next exercise

For timed workouts, I like to use the round timer and just have 1 round of the total time (i.e. 15, 30, 45, etc). But you can also use the timer and stopwatch apps on your cell phone to time for those, and they work for workouts to completion too. Make sure to have a notebook as well to document your times, reps and challenge them later.

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