What are your credentials? Why should we trust you?

I am a fitness junkie that has transformed my body by the methods and practices I write about on this website. I have also done my own personal research and have consulted other fitness professionals on fitness related questions. BodiedByScorp is dedicated to helping you feel good about yourself and improving your health!

How often do you post?

You can view my workouts of the day, daily! We update our blog weekly, new recipes and workouts are added throughout the week as well. Subscribe to our mailing list to never miss a post!

Who writes your blog?

Aisha Powell is the main writer for our blog. If you are interested in writing something, please contact us and send us a note!

Where do you get your information from?

For my blog, the information is from personal experiences and research. I try to give all the facts from research and include my personal understanding of the topic. All topics from outside sources are referenced.

I want to work with you!

We are excited to be working with other businesses. Please go to 'Contact Page' to email me about partnering or working together. Please only contact me if you have a serious inquiries only. We are not open to solicitors or scammers. Please make sure your business has a professional website or an established social media presence before contacting me.

Are you hiring?

Unfortunately, we are not hiring at this moment. Please follow us on social media for updates on future employment

Are you looking for sponsorship?

We want to connect with sponsors who promote products that we believe in. If you have a natural or organic supplement or product you want us to try please email me @Bodiedbyscorp@Gmail.com. We require a 2 week - 1 month test trial on all products before committing to sponsor.

Purchases goes towards the scholarship?

Portions from every purchase goes towards funding the scholarship, 100% of the time all year round. Read more about our scholarship, on our scholarship tab.


How do I pay?

Currently, BodiedbyScorp accepts credit and debit card payments or through paypal. Choices will be shown during checkout.

Are plans really free?

Yes all plans are 100% free!

Is there tax?

Yes. There is 8.75%

Shipping and Refunds

I want a refund?

BodiedByScorp does not issue any refund for any reason! If you recieve a defective product, please email us with photos within 24 hours of recieving the item (for purchases made on GearbyScorp.com and Miiraya).

How much does it cost to ship?

All shipping cost are calculated during checkout.

Who do you use to ship?

We proudly use USPS priority mail to ship all our products!

Do you have express shipping?

Unfortunately, we do not have any expedited or overnight shipping available now.

Do you ship internationally?

Not at the moment, please check back soon for international shipping rates!

30-Day Weight Loss

Coming Soon

30-Day Bikini Plan

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

30-Day Booty Builder Plan

Coming Soon


Do you sell products on Amazon?

Yes! Please check us out by typing "GearbyScorp" and visiting our Amazon store.

Do proceeds from the Amazon purchase goes towards the scholarship too?

Yes! A smaller portion of the proceeds goes towards the scholarship, so I recommend making the purchase directly from this site.

Can I return something on I bought on Amazon?

Yes! Please process the return on Amazon and not on this website!

Amazon does not have all your product?

No. We give early access to all our members here first and then later release on other platforms.


Where can I buy GearbyScorp products?

Currently, you can purchase GearbyScorp at GearbyScorp.com, Amazon and Miiriya! Find links under the "Shop" tab or go directly to either site and type in "GearbyScorp." Sign up as a member of our site and get exclusive early access and exclusive bundles before anyone else.

Does GearbyScorp products fund the scholarship?

Yes! Portions of all sales made by GearbyScorp products (no matter where you purchased) goes directly to the scholarship.

What are the GearbyScorp products?

Head over to GearbyScorp.com and see specs, details, and all information pertaining to all our products! Members of the site do get exclusive access to early products, as well as free products so make sure to sign up.

Can I return a GearbyScorp product?

We have a no refund policy on all products!


What is Miiraya?

Miiriya.com gathers people who believe in ideas, change, and come together as creatives and thinkers to make those ideas come true. It’s a place that aims to provide you with whatever comes to mind. The goal is to create convenience for shoppers who want to support black businesses seamlessly, while also creating a surge recirculating the black dollar.

Where is your store on Miirya?

Visit our store here: https://www.miiriya.com/store/bodiedbyscorp/