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Hello, my name is Aisha Powell and I am the creator of BodiedbyScorp. I was born and raised in Rockland County, New York and attended Ramapo High School. After graduating high school, I went on to get my Bachelor's in Print Journalism and Innovative Entrepreneurship from the Pennsylvania State University (2013-2016) and my Master's of Journalism from Columbia University (2017-2018). I am currently a PH.D. student at Howard University. I created BodiedbyScorp because I wanted to help the local community of Spring Valley and share my fitness journey. I have been on a long 8-year fitness journey to become healthier, stronger and leaner, which has in turn grown my confidence tenfold. This website is my platform to share tips, workouts, articles and help to other people who are looking to do become the best them!


During my tenure at Ramapo High School, I was not an active member of my community or school. I heavily involved in academic clubs, as well as soccer, but had the mindset that once I "got out" I would never return. After I graduated, and my brother was a student at Ramapo High School, I realized getting out wasn't a solution to anything. My high school has had an unstable history due to budget issues, carelessness of the school board and an overall lack of engagement from locals. Ramapo has been consistently teetered on the edge of having school programs and courses being cut, due to a lack of involvement and effort from community members, parents and students. To give back, I created BodiedbyScorp to fund a scholarship that rewards Ramapo and Spring Valley High School students that are involved in the community called The Scorp Scholarship


As a Black woman in America, it has also been my duty to help uplift the Black community everywhere. Prior to my "woke-ness," I was self-centered and did not see the value of supporting people that look like you. Today, as an educated, cultured independent woman, my mind has re-configured on how imperative it is the support of your people. Black individuals have been systematically oppressed for as long as America has existed and, although the "chains are off" our society continues to plague my people with stereotypes and obstacles. I have taken it upon myself to actively support other Black businesses. 


My education has never failed me as I have all tools to create my dream, BodiedbyScorp, as the sole content creator and visionary. I am dedicated to giving back any way I can. Every purchase will go towards the Scorp Scholarship and hopefully, I will grow it to $10,000 one day. Thank you for supporting my dream and visiting BodiedbyScorp.