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about BodiedbyScorp

Welcome to BodiedbyScorp. We are a fitness company focused on helping people learn healthy eating habits, improve  their strength, lose weight and most importantly, sustain a healthy lifestyle. BodiedbyScorp programs are affordable, customizable, convenient and sustainable. We have customized plans, available August 1st, and our 30-Day Bikini Challenge that is open now! We want you to not only learn how to become a better you but we will support you during the entire process.


BodiedbyScorp is a community driven company that aims to connect people everywhere. Our members our encouraged to leave comments, suggest ideas and talk about adversities. We are also focused on giving back to the local community of Rockland County, NY. Where our creator was born and raised (Learn More). We want to teach the youth to give back to their communities, show them they can make a change and encourage them to reach their dreams. The Scorp Scholarship is here to support the students who have already made these strides in the community with a monetary reward. We also want to host and support conversations to the youth on becoming an entrepreneur, gaining confidence and striving for higher education. In addition to supporting the youth, we also want to reach out to other start-ups companies and of course our consumers. We are available to you for just about anything! Our CEO Aisha Powell (read more about her here) is focused on engaging her customers and community to give back and get healthy.


We are also proud supporters of black owned businesses. We accept business from all companies alike but put emphasis on our black communities everywhere. As a self-identified African American, our CEO understands her duty to give back to all her communities alike. This includes (but is not limited to) black businesses, female-owned business, student-run start-ups and Rockland County businesses. Giving back to those who have helped you is imperative to growth and BodiedbyScorp is completely devoted to giving back.


BodiedbyScorp is a lifestyle. We want to customize a healthy routine that is sustainable and affordable for everybody. We are here to serve you !